LPM has been involved in the analysis, design and implementation of numerous DCs for Ecommerce activities.

Online logistics operations characteristically have multiple order lines with very few units per line, usually following different patterns compared to the Brick and Mortar. Online retailer solutions require scalability to grow with the business and need to be able to adapt rapidly to huge increases in demand while maintaining the service level. When planning these installations, LPM has in mind all these demand and Service Level requirements and look for an increased flexibility versus B&M solutions. Even if the business becomes more complex, we will always look to simplify the operation and fulfil your expectations.

LPM-Expertos logística ecommerce

Within our usual projects we have planned DCs for small and medium businesses with manual operations. Operations are there based on a Persons to Good Strategy, reliability relays on IT systems to guide the operator easily and errorless while looking for an optimization of the orders preparation and consolidation. WMS systems control all DC activities and have real-time knowledge of each SKU and order situation, these can connect to the ERP, courier company and vendor sites to allow customer information.

Working together with larger companies, some of them market leaders in their sector, we have planned and implemented fully automated DCs for their online operations. These are large scale operations which usually have similar requirements but have operation volumes which justify automation: Due to operations costs VS investment but also many of them could hardly be managed in a manual operation due to lack of available operators for the peak days.

For these large-scale project solutions are not unique. We have implemented in our projects most of the available technologies in the market:

  • AGV robot systems delivering Goods to Person (GTP)
  • Rapid storage systems as multishuttle, miniloads sourcing fast picking GTP stations
  • Pocket sorter / pouch sorter systems also serving GTP stations
  • AGV sortation robots
  • Traditional sortation systems (tilt tray, split tray, crossbelts, hanged lines,…)