Automotive industry seeks volume and large-scale productivity combined with mass customization reaching perhaps the largest investments in facilities and automation for the manufacturing and assembly of its products.

There are planning teams and their levels of demand that are difficult to find in other sectors. For years, LPM staff has worked on numerous projects in automobile assembly plants (Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Belgium, Mexico).

The high level of technification in the automotive market serves as a benchmark reference towards other industries. Automotive plants have been traditionally the laboratory for automation technologies that are subsequently exported to other sectors.

LPM-Expertos logística retail

Although for many years we have exported many practices from this industry to our distribution centre projects, today we see how this communication has been reversed. The mass customization trend requires the preparation of kits on the assembly lines, these are carried out with typical of typical distribution centres operations and resources: close by part warehouses and sequenced deliveries, Pick To Light and Putt To Light systems for kitting, AGVs for feeding final assembly workstations

From LPM we have managed several of these projects and have expertise in:

  • Skid conveyor lines with rollers, belts, chain conveyors, monorail conveyors, either for Body in White transport, Paint shop or in different locations in the plant.
  • Finish line installations with roller conveyors, belt conveyors or plastic chain conveyors.
  • Hanging transport systems: chain, cable, monorail systems
  • Skillet assembly lines