Paper and paperboard

Corrugated paperboard has traditionally used highly automated production but only during last decade automation has been extended to its logistics operations.

Many sites have space restrictions not been able to extend the manufacturing area / storage areas require flexibility to produce a wider range of carton sizes.

Carton industry, among others, has adapted itself in the past decade to smaller orders, wider range of sizes and increased demand of personalization. Investments have been continued in converting machines and new generation printing machines occupying bigger spaces.

LPM-Expertos logistica
LPM-Expertos logistica
LPM-Expertos logistica
LPM-Expertos logistica

We have experienced an increased demand for flexible and automated storage installations:

  • Paper coil storage
  • Cardboard sheet storage (WIP)
  • Carton storage

Most used solution is automation with stacker cranes for high bays storages from 20 m to 44 m. These storages have to be planned to balance storage capacity versus its performances and reliability. At LPM we may assist you to do the preliminary studies, advise you to select the optimal option and will follow the tender process and al project execution until the installation is productive.

LPM team has been in the storage market during the last 20 years, we have experience in paper coils storage, paperboard sheet storages and palletized final product (cartons) storages.