The fashion sector has gained enormous popularity in recent years, and the new socio-cultural environment in which we live has made it evolve towards the so-called “fast fashion”.

Within a given campaign, the life cycle of each model (initial launch and replenishment) must be taken into account in logistics planning and design, since logistics facilities must be able to absorb important “peaks” and have an agile and fast responsiveness to variability in demand.

LPM-Expertos logística textil

On the other hand, the design of the logistics solution must take into account the different storage and handling options for both “hanging garment” and “folded garment”, in order to obtain high-performance facilities. And many added value activities need to be considered: labelling, alarm, RFID, packaging, …

From LPM we have helped our clients to develop projects in this line: More agile and flexible distribution centres to provide the required service. We have participated in the design stages, from the initial analysis to the proposal of the recommended solution, then we have put out to tender the project packages and carried out a Project Management of the entire implementation and commissioning of the installation.

Advising leading companies in the textile sector, we have designed and managed numerous projects of distribution centres for fashion, footwear and accessories both in Spain and internationally (Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, China …)