We work with leading companies internationally designing and managing the implementation of their regional and main DCs.

These DCs hold stocks of most of their sold SKUS at the stores (season initials, replenishment, campaigns, bargain sales, …) and perform basic activities as inbound, crossdocking, storage, picking, sortation, consolidation, packaging and shipping. At many of the DCS further value-added operations are done as quality control, labelling, alarms, personalization, repairs, … and also reverse logistics may increase the DC portfolio with returns management and reconditioning activities. We cover all these activities in our projects.

Stock coverage tend to decrease at the retail stores, they need to maximize the showroom area. Shop warehouses need to be optimized to ensure shop turnover and supply chain need to be agile and efficient to serve them and ensure customer satisfaction. LPM may help you planning and implementing your warehouse operations, either from a scratch or improving your current operations, we will support you with our experience and management capabilities.

LPM-Expertos logística retail

Typical areas and elements found in these DCs which we have designed and implemented:

  • Inbound bays with docks and even handling/lifting equipment, wheel-based conveyors, telescopic conveyors for unloading containers.
  • Storage equipment: pallet racks, carton / tote racks, mezzanines, automatic storages (stacker cranes, miniloads, multishuttles, robot systems…)
  • Manual operated vehicles (forklifts, pallet movers, tractors…) or automated ones (AGVs, conveyor systems)
  • Sortation systems: PTL (Pick To Light), sorters (tilt tray, push tray, crossbelt, pouch sorters, AGV robots…)
  • Consolidation areas / packaging areas: put to light, put wall, pouch sorters.
  • Outbound bays: generally including buffering and loading areas.
  • Throughout the installation, equipment is used for specific operations: weight scales, volumetric scanners, Identification scanners / vision systems, labelling systems, carton erectors, pallet stackers, film applicators, palletizing robots, etc.